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Universal Postgres Exports

Export CSV data straight from PostgreSQL

Realtime For Everyone

Sometimes you do need to build a new wheel

Self Healing Deployment

Applications are services, they need monitoring too

Environment Reloading

Reload the environment within long running processes

Let Postgres Do The Work

Efficient social ranking within Postgres

Presenting By Proxy

Leveraging ES6 Harmony's Proxy object for MVP

Integration Off Rails

Lightweight testing for libraries that integrate with Rails

Subsecond Resolution In Rails

Fixing inconsistent timestamp serialization in Rails 4

Journey Into Perforated Caching

Maximize cache performance when serializing collections


Soren is the strategic pairing of Shannon Peterson & Parker Selbert. We collaborate on everything—even some children. Between us there there isn't much we can't handle; we're always mindful of playing to our individual strengths.