Who We Are

Soren is the partnership of Shannon & Parker Selbert. We help businesses with production apps that are in a bit of a quandary get back on track. No pun intended.

What We Do

Modernize Legacy Apps

Over time the Rails app powering your business can drift into maintenance mode. You may get stuck on a vulnerable version of Ruby or an outdated release of Rails. Resist the temptation to rewrite it! We'll help you transition the years of knowledge and effort baked into your app into the modern age safely.

Break Up a Monolith

Monolithic apps are ideal when starting a project, but as they mature they balloon in complexity and become a drain on the team. We'll lead you to a more maintainable project by extracting performance critical modules, spinning discrete subsystems out into services, and layering independent client side apps.

Stabilize Infrastructure

Has the fear of unplanned downtime made deploying new code infrequent and nerve-wracking? With the right processes in place your app can be deployed continuously as bug fixes are made and features are ready. We'll put the systems in place to make your platform stable.

Rescue a Project

When the app isn't stable, infrastructure is irritable, adding new features is too difficult, or you simply can't upgrade, it's time for a rescue. We'll coax your project back to a state where the team can focus on adding features instead of constantly fighting bugs and wrestling with architecture.

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